Accessibility – Imaginosity is committed to giving all children a meaningful experience that enhances and celebrates their abilities. The facility provide exhibits, programmess and public spaces that are inclusive and interactive for all visitors. Museum staff have been trained how to best help visitors with various needs. If you are planning a visit to the museum, you can ask for use of any of the services provided. A staff member will be happy to assist you. Guide and Assistance Dogs are welcome.
Visitors – A free carer ticket is available on request for anyone who needs extra assistance to visit. This ticket is available for families and groups.
Imaginosity has also developed a pre-visit guide developed for special needs groups which is accessible and downloadable and can be viewed here.
Programming – Imaginosity has developed a sensory story workshop in conjunction with Childvision,, creating Sensory Story Boards which correspond with the story being told and are used during the workshop as a very tactile and multisensory way of reading a story.
Imaginosity runs a ‘Festival of Stories’ every year which encourages families to read together and learn to tell their own stories together.

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