New Challenge for James

LUCAN’s James Casserly who has completed two Dublin City Marathons in his Oracing assisted wheelchair has given himself a new challenge. Recently he received a donation of a handcycle and he intends to race it in the Barretstown 5k fun run in September, reports Brendan Grehan.

James (12) has Cerebral Palsy, affecting his core and lower limbs mostly. He had a selective dorsal rhizotomy April 2012 which involved intensive physio recovery.

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Wooden sculpture destroyed by fire in Lucan playground

A wooden structure was set alight in Griffeen Valley Park in Lucan, with South Dublin County Council working closely with gardai to discover the cause of the blaze.

One unit from Tallaght Fire Station attended the scene at around 11pm last night (Sunday), with a wooden structure of a troll on fire in the playground when they arrived.

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My last word on Repeal the 8th

My last word on Repeal the 8th 


The past few weeks have been a journey, for many reasons. Firstly, publicly sharing our story, of our loss which was made that bit more difficult because of the constitution as it stands. Secondly the feedback from being so open, some good, some bad and some, well ugly.

 The 8th Amendment is complex, its challenging and has many consequences for families such as my own. 

Firstly, regarding Repeal the Eight, all cases, all circumstances that lead any individual or couple to termination of pregnancy, are hard cases. They are not cases we should be judging, they are cases in which we should be showing as a nation, compassion and empathy within the confines of our Island and not moving this issue to another country.

Secondly, imagery which I have found particularly emotive and distressing. I value debate, I value balance. I value the sanctity of life. Sadly, the imagery used by the no campaign, did not provide this, what is has done, is frighten our children where posters are at school gates, it has deeply impacted those going through or have gone through difficult pregnancies or termination of pregnancy. It was not respectful to all those in our community.

What I have learned; I have experienced compassion from my colleagues and friends, strength I didn’t know I had and healing in sharing our story. I heard many stories through the campaign but one will never leave me and that’s the story of Caroline and Michael McCarthy who in January this year had to make a difficult journey to Liverpool because I country could not support the in their time of need.  To me, their experience sums up why we need to move forward and amend our constitution.

This referendum is about giving the people of Ireland a say on how we treat women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation. It is about how we want our country to treat our sisters, wives, mothers, daughters, cousins, friends and colleagues at a time when they need our care, compassion and protection.

Tomorrow, May 25th, I am voting for change, I am voting for compassion, I am voting for trust in women and medics to empower each and every individual every opportunity to make the right choice. Our constitution is not there to place judgement, lets reflect that and be #together4yes.


Team James Update


Well its been a while since we last posted. Things have been busy! James is in full training with his pals for the South Dublin County Paralympic Cross Country Final. He is representing his school Scoil Aine Naofa in Lucan. He is so excited and with the help of his friends, Daniel, Emma and Rebecca he has been out running in the park opposite our home. They informed me they are doing interval training too! It is so nice to watch. I often fear he will feel left out and sometimes isolated but his friends are instinctively aware of what they need to do to make sure he’s included. They are small people with big hearts and little do they know that not only are they making James very happy, they are giving us reassurance that things will be ok.


James has been struggling a bit emotionally lately. I think he’s just tired. It breaks my heart. I wish I could fix it. I lose sleep worrying and constantly battling to have the strength to give him all he needs and more to know that it will always be ok and we will always figure things out.


We are still in and out of Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin as frequent flyers. James reckon there should be an award for that 😊 But infusions have been spread out to every 14 days which helps. So the arthritis is more in control than it has been before which is hugely positive.


We have also been taking part in the #SeeMe Campaign with Arthritis Ireland ( ), doing our bit to spread awareness of Juvenile Arthritis. You can read more about it here. .


In other news, James and his Daddy have been flying it. Full on training for the great Limerick Run in May, followed by the Dublin Race Series and culminating with Dublin City Marathon in October. And of course the boys are doing this to fundraise for Barretstown! They can be spotted out on long runs over the weekend around Lucan and as far as the Phoenix Park. They love a bit of support so if anyone wishes to join them feel free to get in touch! You can also donate to


I’ve also started running! This year I set myself a goal to be able to run 5km. So off I went and joined Lucan Harriers fit for Life. Its mostly going well but I’ve been sick on and off for 6 weeks now with flu, cold and rip roaring sore throats but I’ll be back out training in the next few days.  I figure if James can do it…. Well I can … and I should. So I’m working towards the Women’s Mini Marathon and I’m very excited about it (with help from my 2 fabulous sisters Ali and Jenny)


We have our own Pop Up Race scheduled for September and we will post more information in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support. We love doing what we do.  If you would like to get involved or help in any way, we would love to hear from you.

All our Love,

Vicki, Dan, James and Tom xxxx